There are two cosmic moments one at 11.11 on 11th November 2011 and the second at 11.11 on 21st December 2012. These are instants of total silence throughout the Universe when the portals open to new divine and transformational energy.

There is much speculation as to the predictions for 21st December 2012 positioned as ‘the end of the world’ as we know it’. Throughout history at different times dating back to 2800 BC predictions have been made as to the end of the world, and we are all still here! Why then should the Mayan 2012 prediction be any different? Spiritual believers and spiritual sceptics alike are contemplating the deluge of information circulating in the media. One of the strongly supported positions is that the Earth will enter ‘The Photon Band’ and not move through it as before. In December 2012 the Earth will remain within the higher frequency band heralding a new transformation of consciousness and a new reality.

The photon band is a quantum (smallest particle) of electromagnetic energy with zero mass-no electrical charge and an indefinitely long life time. This photon band was first discovered in 1961 by means of satellite borne instruments. About every 26.000 years our Earth travels twice through this higher frequency band, affecting the material world and our consciousness. In 1987 our Earth entered for the first time again in this band and every year she is moving in-and out with each year staying longer in this higher frequency band, as our solar system is traveling through this particular area within our Milky Way Galaxy. In December 2012, according to Maya calculations, our sun and Earth will be submerged within this band, without leaving again into the Galactic night.

It is the date when the Mayan calendar ends and a new world begins. Mayor cycles are closing at the same time; one of 26.000 years, one of 104.000 years, and one of 225.000.000 years, giving birth to new species and a new Heaven and Earth. In December 1998 our sun entered for the first time again in this photonic band and has been prepared to adjust to this higher frequency.

All what is happening outside is also happening inside of us. We are adjusting internally on a cellular level to the external change which is experiencing our solar system, and including our Earth.

It is positioned that the new reality will include telepathic communication, great change and awe and wonderment. It will be likened to a group of entities who for the first time in the 1960’s dropped acid, or LSD, and begin to talk to each other about their experience. They will be wondering what is happening to their sense of reality, and in this photon belt, the information and the energies begin to shift and change and they will be in a more dream-like state where nothing seems solid or real. All the old Newtonian rules will be thrown out and quantum physics will be the new rule, the new measure and new rules and descriptions will need to be found to explain the experiences entities will be sharing with each other in this new dimension of the photon belt.

When things lose their substance, solidity and stability of matter, entities will no longer have the ability to think in terms of sold absolute unchangeable maintenance and will no longer be able to maintain reality, and will simply attempt to keep up with reality and to change with it as it changes around them. Concerning timing, about 2012 or 2013 this experience will be entered into fully.

The energies of this new dimension will be a totally different nature than is present for entities at this time. It will be more like a dream state. If you can imagine reality being made up of a dream state in which people share that dream, and all people help create that dream, where it is possible to change solid things simply by thought, to by imagining; the earth will be like the bottom of the dream, the landscape on which the dream moves, and entities will know, as in a dream that it is not a solid substance, but a mental substance in which they exist. Source: (Revelations of Awareness)

we are spiritual beings having a physical experience; our spiritual path is a continuum and this journey on this planet, in the now, one of our learning’s and experiences. The universe is one of love – at soul we are love, we are the divine. Let’s replace fear with love and speculation with deep inner wisdom as we prepare for the greatest opportunity for spiritual growth that there has ever been in the entire history of the planet.