USUI Reiki Masters

Hillcrest, 4 Weeks (RASA Registered)
“What I want when you enter the community of Masters is that you are clear about your commitment. I want you to be prepared to deal with all the different circumstances that are present in the Reiki world today …  I want you to be present to your mastery as fully as possible…”  Phyllis Furumoto

The Masters course is a 4 module, comprehensive course which includes the following:

  • Taking responsibility and bringing the qualities of a Reiki Master into your life.
  • Learning the Reiki healing attunement.
  • Learning the Reiki l, ll and advanced healing attunement
  • Learning what the Reiki masters duties and responsibilities are .
  • Meeting your master guide.
  • Meeting your totem animal.

RASA (Reiki Association)Master’s Registration Requires:

  • Reiki, l,ll and Advanced completed with a RASA accredited Teacher RASAMT
  • Minimum 4 Months post Reiki Advanced (ART or Level lllA)
  • 25 case studies: This requires  25 documented Reiki Healing Sessions
  • A Practical examination with an independent RASA examiner

 Cost: R 3 000