Gendai Reiki

Take this journey without ego; taking you closer to your bliss, experience the beautiful harmony of Japanese Traditional Reiki with Western Reiki

Gendai Reiki Ho is often called Japanese Reiki. These Japanese styles of Usui Reiki are simple yet profound ways to bring balance and surround with harmony the cells/atoms that are in need in the mind, body and spirit. They provide you with the exercises to experience the personal evolution of self-growth.

The purpose of Gendai Reiki-ho (USUI Reiki Ryoho) like Usui Sensei’s original method is the journey itself, not the destination. Each level in the journey consists of a complete cycle that returns to the point of origin. You know each cycle has ended when you are in-balance with the journey and your life, and you know harmony in your heart/place of true knowledge. The completion of each cycle takes you closer to Satori — a state of complete peaceful joy that few actually experience.

This is a journey without ego; your awareness of events during this journey is simply acknowledged without judging or expecting to be judged.
Usui Reiki Ryoho is an original method that Usui Mikao created after he had connected with the vibrations of universal love and harmony energy and he had become aware of the gift with which he had been blessed.
When you are studying Gendai Reiki-ho you feel yourself being guided to the doorway and then shown how to simply let flow the universal vibration of unconditional love and harmony. You experience the wonderment of mind, body and spirit healing in rhythm often not visible to the human eye. There are several unique aspects to Gendai Reiki. Traditional methods are the basis and start for Gendai. Ancient methods and other healing disciplines are incorporated into the training. The method deciphers between these different healing methods by relating it to healing through spiritual means.

There are four levels of Gendai Reiki that are taught in Japan with this method: Shoden, Okuden, Shinipiden, and Gokuikaiden At each of these levels, students will be offered Attunements, as in the other levels. These Attunements, however, are divinely guided and unique for each individual student. These are defined in Gendai as empowerment techniques. Gendai Reiki, while incorporating several techniques from traditional Reiki, challenges the concepts to move a step further and focus on spiritual methods of healing as well as methods using universal energies. By incorporating these two methods as well as using ancient types of practice, Gendai Reiki is able to help one in understanding several different concepts for healing.

 Cost: R4 500, booking deposit R1 000