energychordsSo many people are chorded into our energy through energy chords: children, parents,  friends, ex-partners, partners, ex-lovers, lovers, bosses and ex-bosses. They are chorded into us in so many different ways that we sometimes simply feel drained…it’s not that their energy is bad, it’s just not our energy. No one else’s energy works for you like yours does, and energy that is not yours has wishes, desires and judgements that are not congruent with your essence or your soul.

When someone else’s energy fills your space it clouds your own judgement; sudden and uncontrollable emotions are very often a direct response to taking on the energy of others. The lesson is in learning to differentiate between your energy and that of the other person in your life. Sometimes the energy of an adolescent child may overpower  you to such an extent that ‘you lose it’ – you then have to take your energy back. You cannot leave it enmeshed within your child’s energy and the same applies to your partner. It forms an energetic co-dependency which is unhealthy and damaging to both of you. You have to respect the soul journey of another and extricate your energy from theirs to follow yours.

No one else’s energy can stick in your space without your permission, it may be unconscious permission but it is still an agreement. We are taught and encouraged to protect our energy with ’white light’ to shield us from the energy of others yet in the end it is clarity that truly shields us. As you become clearer and more aware of your space –  your clarity will in fact protect you. When you finally clear foreign energy out of your field it can’t control you and all your relationships become healthier, without the energy leaks of control, manipulation, limitation and conditional games being  played.

The only barrier that remains is our Ego. Keep it in check!

One of the amazing things about the physical plane of existence is our freedom of choice and the abundance of possibility, enjoy your birthright to express yourself as you wish, rejoice in your soul freedom and let others do the same. They will love you for this and you can learn so much from others in keeping the door open to learning and breaking the energy chords that limit you. Experience your power by balancing your third chakra located at the solar plexus, it is from here that you understand your personal power and ability and  it is from here that energetic chords often form.

Only when you clear foreign energy from your space will you understand unconditional love.