What in life makes YOU happy?
As part of a friends book research on ‘Happiness’, I was asked to reflect on “So! What does happiness mean to you?”

At first I my thoughts took an esoteric slant, I started to philosophise on what happiness was, the obvious coming to mind health, children, family, friends et al… all valid of course. Then I contemplated what really made me happy and brought me joy and it dawned on me that life’s happinesses are mostly intangible, personal and more often than not. seemingly inconsequential to others.


So! What is happiness to me…?

The feeling I get when I realise how blessed I truly am… realising dreams and goals and ticking them off my manifestation grid. Watching a student ‘light up’ that moment when they ‘get it’… Small things, big things, things that give me that yummy, fuzzy feeling in the tummy… Cooking a meal with love, harvesting and using herbs and veggies from my garden, putting fresh roses in my vases, an unexpected SMS from my someone special, stolen moments, a bear hug. Listening to my favourite music at full volume and dancing around the lounge like a Dervish.

Spending time with my children and the other special peeps in my life. Being silly, uncontrollable laughing. Nature… suddenly noticing the beauty all around me… being on the ocean, full moon, watching the rain, lying on my back on the deck looking at the stars. Stolen moments, good hair days, finding that perfect pair of shoes…


Noticing and experiencing moments and the realisation of just how much happiness I am experiencing in my life.

Take time today to reflect on “So, What is happiness to YOU”.

May you all be inspired by one other.