We are all on an endless journey, a soul journey, to create an eternity of experiences to view and affirm pure love – omnipresent, unconditional love – from all of its different perspectives.

To experience pure love you must first experience its antithesis, fear. This duo of forces influences every aspect of your physical life.  It is critical for you, the awakening person, to accept that every thought that goes through your head is either love-based or fear-based. You have around 70 000 thoughts a day; that’s about 50 thoughts a minute. Research has also shown that for most people 80% of those thoughts are negative. “Thoughts change Lives” (from ‘An Affirmation a Day’), and they can change yours.

Fear based living allows you to keep adding the obscuring filters of fear that eventually get to a point where you become blinded to the beauty that is intrinsic to your nature.  As you choose to drop all fear-based thinking and live your life totally within a belief system of love you would experience life in an entirely different manner. Your life and the world you live in would be the polar opposite of everything you have come to accept in life as ‘normal’. Just imagine who and what you would see, looking in your mirror through the eyes of pure love…

To change this paradigm, from fear-based living to love-based living, the first step is accepting that we are pure love, we are eternal, and our essence is unchanging: affirming “I AM eternal, I AM love”. Affirmations make you conscious of your thoughts. Only you can choose a whole new way of thinking. “I AM … [place your word choice here]”

You can also remember your essence and the life between lives in the realm of pure love through bodywork and meditation. Meditation is the art of silencing the mind and when the mind is silent, you experience inner peace in the midst of your any fear-based thoughts or turmoil. Meditation is enabling and facilitative, penetrating deep into your being to gain access to your soul, your inner wisdom, your eternal essence. Affirmations actually make your sub-conscious thoughts conscious.

As you start to evolve into a pure love based life you begin to notice the beauty and awesomeness of nature that surrounds you and has always surrounded you. Through acceptance and affirmation of  the continuum of life and your divine blueprint; you will have more joy, more peace and more love.


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