Cosmic Consciousness, and your Higher Self

Cosmic Consciousness is an ultra-high state of illumination in the human Mind that is beyond that of “self-awareness,” and “ego-awareness.” In the attainment of Cosmic Consciousness, the human Mind has entered a state of knowledge instead of mere beliefs, a state of “I know,” instead of “I believe.”

In the state of Cosmic Consciousness a person will have developed a keen awareness of his own mental states and activities and those of others around him or her. This being (person) is aware of a very distinct “I” personality that empowers them with a powerful expression of the “I AM” that is not swayed or moved by the external impressions or influence. This being stands on a “rock solid” foundation that is not easily understood .

In the spiritually developed individual, the person who becomes aware of, and recognises the conscious “I,” or the “I am” within, will be able to exert its will upon the subconscious mind with definite purpose. The recognition and awareness of the “I” will enable a person to expand his or her mind into regions of consciousness that is unthinkable to those who have no awareness of it.

True spiritual development, enables the sharpening of the five bodily senses, enhancing the richness of life as our minds are allowed to expand into spiritual advancement. Knowledge that will enable the proper use of the five senses as they report to us the external world. The higher the Conscious awareness, the more acute the senses become. At the same time, the lesser the Conscious awareness the less acute the five senses become.

The “I” Consciousness in each human is the true “Higher Self.” This exists as a constant flow of Cosmic Consciousness. It is eternal and indestructible and mortality and Immortality is not an issue in its existence. There is no force in existence capable of destroying the “I.” This “I” or “Higher Self” is the divine connection to ‘All that Is’.

When the “I” is consciously recognised within us, the “Will” of the “I” is powerfully exerted upon the subconscious mind, giving purpose and a sense of direction in life. The mind is the instrument by which the conscious “I” pries open the many deep, and hidden secrets of the universe and the laws of nature, the absolute truths.

For those on a spiritual path there is a voice that calls and has since the beginning of time. There is no red carpet treatment or royal road in accomplishing this. It takes a will, desire, and diligent effort. Most people fail to recognise this reality and they will unconsciously and painfully race through life from cradle to grave without a momentary glimpse of this truth.

The “I,” when recognised in a conscious and deliberate manner, will enable a person to accomplish great things limited only to his or her own imagination.