So many of us ask when and if we will meet our soul mate. So many of us, at a deep level, are searching for this soul connection, this union that we all long for, a beautiful soul memory from the life between lives.

When people talk of soul mates, at a deep level we understand and rarely ask what they mean; and although we may never have experienced such a relationship, we instinctively know that it is deep, and effortless and that this precious intimacy extends across all boundaries of sex, age and culture. We have a deep knowing, a soul memory that knows that this extends way beyond the other intimate relationships with friends, lovers, life partners or siblings.

Mysteriously even the most spiritual and soulful of us rarely get a chance to encounter more than one chance in a lifetime to connect with a soul mate, many of us may never meet a soul mate in this incarnation. It is very rare that we are graced with multiple opportunities to do so.

The soul relationship is a bond so strong that neither time nor space can destroy it. It echo’s in the mind and resonates in the heart of the soul friends forever, in this resonance they experience a most profound and intimate belonging with each other. This merging of souls offers a place to capture and hold all of the longings of the human heart.

Nietzsche says “From love of man one occasionally embraces someone in random” and positions that one must remain in an embrace for a very long time to know that a person is your soul mate. The soul friend, soul mate relationship grows in crises and adversity. It is much more than an emotional intimacy and although it may occur in a initial encounter, soul relationships tend to develop over time, in the physical it takes time for that soul memory to recall that intense intimacy and to connect with the higher self.

We can’t will a soul mate out of friendships, work partnerships, life partnerships and marriages, a soulful person can only open up to the possibility of meeting a soul mate. When the non soulful person searches for a soul mate he will only find himself again – wearing a mask of soul the ego remains within. Such people may accumulate wealth and power, marry and have children and they will always feel alone.

In our disposable society, burdened by social, economic and political pressures, many of us do not embrace our soul mate, our soul friend, for long enough, so that the distant and forgotten soul memories can manifest. Somehow human beings don’t appreciate the preciousness of the gift of having a soul mate until they lose it. That’s when we begin a long and painful quest to find a replacement.

There are no replacements for a soul mate.soulmates