Blessings and Greetings to all of our Members

May 2014 be filled with Love, joy, fulfilment, abundance and good health

In 2013 the RASA website was redesigned, with a geographical search facility. It has been well received and most beneficial to those looking to find registered teachers and practitioners. Thank you Wes, for the sterling job. We are most grateful!

Website Listing Renewal Fee

The annual RASA, Website listing renewal Fee is now due, in order to retain your website listing on the RASA website please deposit R 120.00 into the RASA bank Account by no later than 15 February 2014.

Existing website members please note all changes are subject to a R 50.00 ‘Change Upload’ Fee.

New Web Listings

Should you wish to have a listing on the RASA Website please deposit R 170.00 (R 120.00 Listing Fee and R 50.00 Loading Fee) into the RASA bank account below account and email the following information with proof of payment to [email protected]

Area of Practice:
Practitioner Name:

Contact No:



Listings may include 6 areas from the Reiki Courses and Electives Below, and one other nationally recognised Degree or Diploma [for example: BA; BSc; BA Health Sciences and Social Services; BA(SW);


  • ·         Reiki Shiki Ryoho
  • ·         Usui Reiki Ryoho – Gendai
  • ·         Jikiden
  • ·         Seichim
  • ·         Karuna®
  • ·         Lightarian™


Natural and Holistic Healing – RASA Approved Elective Courses

  • ·         Crystal Healing
  • ·         Counselling Skills
  • ·         Inner Alchemy
  • ·         Herbology
  • ·         Merkaba Magic
  • ·         Meridian Therapy
  • ·         Animal Healing and Communication


Web Site Listing Enquiries Contact: [email protected]

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Membership and Fee Enquiries Contact: [email protected]

Bank Account Details

Standard Bank, Port Shepstone – 05 76 28
Savings Account No:  355883465

Proof of Payment to[email protected] or fax: 0866 809 102


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