Nature’s Healing Gifts – Sound and Colour

Summertime… Warm, sunny days; balmy nights and soft rain. We feel the lifeforce beginning to surge within  us in anticipation of spring’s imminent arrival and look forward to facing the world with renewed vigor and energy.

As we spend more time outdoors in nature; perhaps on the beach, perhaps in the mountains in the Northern hemisphere still blanketed in winter white – we have the opportunity for Gaia, Mother Earth, to be our healer whilst enjoying time with friends and family in our own beautiful corners of the world. Walking in nature is a wonderful way of cleansing our chakras and grounding ourselves; swimming in the ocean or a in softly running stream in the mountains is the perfect way to cleanse the aura.

Consider the colours in nature, each colour has its own vibration and promotes harmony. When we walk in lush green vegetation or alongside the cool blue ocean we are filled with the calming and healing vibration of blue and green, with the deeper shades of blue promoting peace within us. The oranges and yellows of our glorious African sun warms our hearts and the reds in the sunrise and sunset excite us, and give hope of the new day to come. The violet shades of the mountains spiritually connect and uplift us.

Listen to the harmonious sounds of nature as they smooth the aura; the waves gently lapping the shore, the gurgling stream perfectly orchestrated with beautiful bird song. When we are calm, relaxed, cleansed and at one withnature, we resonate with harmony and peace.

“Nature reaches out to us with welcoming arms and bids us to enjoy her beauty” Kahlil Gibran

Walk barefoot today not because you have no shoes, but because God has blessed you right out of your socks!