. The very ground of your being, out of which comes all your thoughts, is silence. The way to silence is through meditation. When you arrive in your own silence you will know true freedom and real power.

“Consciousness is discovered in a state of no-thinking, so…utter silence, that not even a single thought moves as a disturbance. In that silence you discover your very being… it is as vast as the sky. And to know it is really to know something worthwhile”

Meditation is the art of silencing the mind. When the mind is silent, concentration is increased and we experience inner peace in the midst of worldly turmoil. This elusive inner peace is what attracts so many people to meditation and is a quality everyone can benefit from.

The wonder of meditation is that our philosophy, spiritual and or religious belief is not important.

Meditation is about consciousness and in that the belief of the mind becomes trivial.

Meditation is enabling and facilitative, penetrating deep into the heart of the matter to gain access to our soul – our inner reality; our inner wisdom.

Mediation can and is practiced by many people of different belief systems, traditions and cultures


Improved concentration

Clarity of mind enhances thought processes and encourages creativity. It facilitates intuition and general productivity

More presence in the moment

Meditation assists us in ‘not sweating the small stuff’; to detach from drama and to mitigate the true nature of the mind which tends to make mountains out of molehills. Meditation helps us detach from drama, enabling us to live in the present moment without calling back the past or fretting about the future.

Improved health

There have been numerous studies pointing to the health benefits of meditation. Meditation reduces stress levels and alleviates anxiety. Mental and emotional stress affects every cell in the body. What we think, what we say and how we manage our stress can either cause dis-ease or cure it

Knowledge of Self

Meditation enables us to have a deeper understanding of our inner self. Through meditation we can better follow our path being open to our life’s purpose.

Including Meditation in Your Daily Life

Many people respond “I don’t have time To Meditate!”

When you really want to do something you can find time when you don’t want to you will find excuses. Get up 30 minutes earlier or watch 30 minutes less TV per day, your investment in yourself through meditation is TIME!

Clearing the mind makes the rest of the day more productive and nothing beats that feeling of inner peace…

What is the point in having a hectic life and not enjoying it?

Meditation is not about withdrawing from the world and your reality; it is about inspiration and peace of mind in everything that you do.

A calm mind is not just peaceful, it is focused, self-directing and divine.


I spend time in reflection and meditation. I am focused on my life purpose, and take care in making forward strides. I remember to cherish the NOW moment

Where to Start – The Basics


“In silence lies the ability to listen; to listen to ourselves, to others and to God.


Listening is a lost art.


Without it we cannot communicate, we cannot relate to each other and so we cannot live life meaningfully.


We need to learn to listen.


Sitting in silence allows us to listen to ourselves and to understand. This silence can heal. The worries, the pain can be healed when we listen. Spiritual medicine is ever-present in the soul. Whenever we need it, to whatever extent we need it, we can find it within.”



Unifying the body and mind encourages mindfulness in any daily circumstance.

Meditation should be as natural as any other daily activity.

The physical daily activities in your life include: Lying down, sitting, standing and walking known as the ‘the four dignities’ and although we undertake these activities with ease how often do we focus on what we are doing, lying in bed, sitting at the table, standing in a queue, walking down the street… unless of course we have a painful leg or foot and we then become aware of each step as we walk. Our instinct for awareness is within and if we apply mindfulness to our daily lives, through the exercise below, in silence in a quiet space this will bring us to a heightened state of awareness
“We weave the cloth of our every day, by what we do and give. The fabric of our destiny is made of how we live”

C. Alexander Simpkins