Happiness is a choice…

Fake it till you feel it!

Feelings directly follow actions – when you are down, act cheerful and you will actually feel your mood lift.When you are angry and irritated with someone do something thoughtful for them and your feelings toward them will soften.“What you think about you bring about” –
Think positive thoughts!

Anything that is worth doing is worth doing badly!

The human brain is stimulated by novelty and surprise, handling an unexpected situation well gives an enormous sense of satisfaction. People who try new things, stick their necks out and take a few chances are far happier than those who stick to the known and familiar things that they do well.
Failure can be fun – tackle a daunting goal!!

Buy a bit of happiness!

Our psychological needs include: being loved, feeling secure, being good at what we do and having a sense of control. Money cannot buy these things, but it can help. Look for ways to spend money in pursuit of your happiness and wellbeing. To stay in touch with loved ones- get an internet service contract or a camera to link to Skype, spend a bit of money to promote better health, Pilates classes at a community centre perhaps, spend some money on sources of irritation and domestic stress, get an ironing service or housekeeper once a week.
Spend some money on uplifting experiences!

Keep it simple!

Happiness doesn’t require hours of meditation and contemplation, neither does it require delving deeply into your psyche – it is scientifically proven that, getting a decent night’s sleep and not getting too hungry are two of the most important factors in promoting happiness. I don’t know about you, when I am tired and hungry I am a serious grump!
Exercise is one of the most dependable mood-lifters, a 10 minute walk can brighten your outlook on life!

Do something about it!

Personality and temperament have something to do with it , sometimes you’re born a ‘Tigger’ and sometimes an ‘Eeyore’. BUT…
Over 40% of your happiness is within in your control, take the time to reflect and make a conscious effort to live a happier life-
It really does work!!

Rule Number 1 is don’t sweat the small stuff.
Rule Number 2 is it’s all small stuff.
Dr. Robert S Eliot