Crystals can be used for healing physical, emotional, mental and spiritual imbalances in Crystal Healing and the science behind crystal healing can be found on the Periodic Table of Elements, crystal healing uses this table of elements combined with energy of a crystal/s to facilitate health and well-being

Crystal Healing  employs the use of geophysical tools (crystals) for healing practices. The stones are placed on  energy centres and energy points of the body and around the body; they strengthen the body by remedying ailments through  balancing of the human body’s energy field with their own unique energy or vibration.  Due to the varying mineral content or mineral composition available in each type of crystal, each one will provide its own unique vibration;  and can move and balance energy.

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‘ CALCITE’  (CaCO2) it is a calcium carbonate; and with a basic knowledge of human anatomy we know that calcium is integral to the bone health and skeletal system of the human body. Calcites are therefore crystal healing tools for ailments and conditions relating the bone and its associated functions. (Image Attached)


‘HEMATITE’ (Fe2O3) is an iron oxide; it is scientifically proven that iron assists in the production of red blood corpuscles and the health of the blood;  this crystal can therefore be used in healing to improve conditions ranging from anaemia to circulatory problems. (Image Attached)


Origins  and Historic Significance of Crystal Healing

Crystals have been used to restore balance and cure ailments since the times of ancient Egypt. Records showing the use of crystals in ancient Egypt, records also date back 5,000 years showing their use in Ayurvedic and traditional Chinese medicine practices as well.

Crystal healing has been practiced throughout history through the use of crystals, amulets, and gemstones. The practices associated with crystal healing have been traced by anthropologists within Egyptian and Mesopotamian civilizations through the use of lapis, lazuli, as well as malachite (minerals) to influence healing and protection . The use of crystals have also been associated with the ancient Indian, Greek, and Roman civilizations. Crystal use has been referenced in philosophy in the occurrence of philosopher stones and holy grail

Modern Applications of Crystal Tools in Energy Medicine

Therapeutic touching practices and crystal tools seem as old as records of history. The gaps in energy patterns, the degrees of density and the colours emitted from the body together provide diagnostic information. Band-aiding gaps in energy patterns, ‘tonifying’ the energy’s overall density and balancing the field that emanates from them are therapeutic methods used to manipulate forces and fields that stimulate a healing process.

Research in biological science and environmental medicine is beginning to explain the influence of field effects, bio-electrical processes and biological hypersensitivity upon human health. The use of electrical current to stimulate wound healing and bone regeneration is stirring the medical community with its successes and implications. Researchers find small doses of electrical current that mimic the electrical potential from the wound or bone can stimulate its healing. Others find that imposing an electrical field to a recently amputated limb, say in a frog, can lead to appreciable regeneration where slower regeneration would normally occur.

The significance of this research is that it begins to show the special curative value of changing electrical fields within an organism to influence biochemical and physiological function  is a good source including the use of each element in industry and biology