Merkaba Magic


Dates: 2 and 3 September 2017

Starts: Saturday at 10am – Finishes: 15:30 Sunday

Venue: Energencia Retreat Centre, Ramsgate KZN

  • Shared Accommodation and Light Vegetarian Meals Provided
  • 10 persons

This ascension workshop is a series of initiations and attunements into fifth dimensional being, culminating in the final Merkaba Ascension Meditation to prepare us for our highest level of consciousness right now; to manifest our divine blueprint; to open us to receive our full light quotient in every cell of our bodies and every fibre of our beings; and to receive our full light quotient of divine soul energy.



The objective of this workshop is to connect and expand our already awakened and activated Merkaba and to fill this ascension vehicle with the maximum light quotient for our unique purpose on Earth. Connecting to our divine blueprint and our ‘I AM’ presence of The Divine Source, Mother-Father God (Monad) personally ascending now into our 5th dimensional energy bodies to as we step into our ‘new shoes’ that the Spirit has measured up for us.

Ascension simply means raising your frequency to a higher level. However, to most of us it means raising your frequency so that you can bring the light of your soul or monad into your physical body. This then affects your cells so that you can bring forward knowledge, wisdom and spiritual gifts. When you fully open your higher level chakras and act in a fifth dimensional way you access the wisdom of your soul. You then become a lower level Ascended Master and you radiate great light. This is picked up unconsciously by others and can influence and help them. You attract much help from the higher spiritual realms.


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