Let me never forget how important I am to the Universal picture. Without me there would be a blank space where there should be colour.

Let me understand that the challenges of life are just that. They are not battles. I am not out there to win or lose, only to develop my skills as an ongoing student in an omnipotent school.

Let me understand that the differences between people are wondrous realities of an infinite Universe. Giving those differences space to be is far more important than comparing them to my set of beliefs.

Let me be proud of what I do. To whatever my hand touches, let me remind myself that it was my effort that added to the result. Perfection is not my goal. Creativity is. Let me remind myself that most of what I take seriously about myself also qualifies for a good laugh.

Let me remember to be kind to myself. Loving companions are one of life’s treats, but they are not responsible for my care. Self -kindness can heal most any hurt.

Let me take responsibility as a gift, not a burden. Within that effort is the greatest sense of accomplishment I could achieve.

Let me be patient with life. Nature does not produce the flower before the roots have taken hold. If I recognize that the place I’m in is the right place at the right time, it will always be the right place at the right time.


A Gregge Tiffen writing