We get to a moment in time where we get the call ‘to make a difference’ We want to make a difference in the lives of our families, our communities, the world around us. We feel this call to make our special impact. We were all put here with a song that only we know how to sing. You came to be  as YOU, uniquely YOU to give to the world all of your gifts and talents and to learn from your difficulties. Many of us make our greatest positive impact through our life’s purpose which simply put is the unique difference we make.

When we are able to find our life’s purpose, embrace it, and allow ourselves to move through life doing it, we feel much more content, at peace and happy. Some people’s impacts do not seem, at first glance, huge. We are not all here to be a Mother Theresa or a Mahatma Gandhi. Some of us do things in a much more ‘off the radar way’ kind of which is equally as important. You don’t have to famous to make a difference, you just have to be.

We often feel frustrated with life and don’t even begin to realise and just how many people’s lives we actually touch and how much of a difference we actually make. In 1963 Mathematician and meteorologist, Edward Lorenz presented a hypothesis to the New York Academy of Science, proposing that the flap of a butterflies wings could set molecules of air in motion, which would move other molecules of air, which in turn would move even more molecules of air, and eventually set in motion the atmospheric conditions necessary to cause a hurricane on the other side of the planet. Lorenz was laughed at, yet his idea held an element of charm and mystique, and the so-called “Butterfly Effect” became somewhat of a mythic legend. Science has now shown that the butterfly effect begins with the first movement of any form of matter, including people. What we say and do now, impacts our lives and the lives of others, one conversation at a time, one interaction at a time, one choice at a time! It all begins with YOU!

“Let me never forget how important I am to the Universal picture. Without me there would be a blank space where there should be colour”

From a Gentle Reminder by Gregge Tiffen