The greatest beauty secret of all time is simply this – our attitude towards life is reflected in our face for all to see. Our attitudes are reflections of our beliefs. And our beliefs are created by the thoughts we have repeated throughout our lives.

Our attitudes are broadcast to the world through our body language and facial expressions. Over time, these attitudes etch their patterns on our face and in our manner. We begin to look exactly how we think and feel.

If we harbour negative thoughts and emotions, it will show. If we see life as a chore, or as a hardship to be endured, it will show. If we believe that life isn’t fair, it will show. If we dwell on the negative in the world, it will show.

If you don’t like what you see in the mirror, all you need to do is adjust your thinking. If you want to look beautiful, practice thinking beautiful thoughts. It may take some time, but eventually you will radiate beauty on the outside as well. Enjoy life. Smile a lot. Laugh as much as you dare. Be happy. This is the secret to becoming beautiful. And by the way…everyone will notice!


By Che Garman