Literature, poetry and history regale us with accounts of passion, love found and love lost: Cleopatra and Mark Antony , Edward VIII and Mrs. Wallis Warfield Simpson  and Romeo and Juliet . In the Alfred Noyes poem The Highwayman, love drives Bess to give her life for The Highwayman in order to warn him of impending danger.  Our lives, our loves are very different from these found on printed pages. And whilst we have all had our breath taken away and given into passion… we have also experienced the pain of love.


True love is pure and spiritual, it  is unconditional; yet we put rules and regulations in place, we control and we manipulate… If he/she does this I’ll do that… if I change this about him/her things will be better… if you do this I will love you more, if you don’t I won’t . Relationships should be comfortable and easy if they are not there is something wrong! Humans also have a penchant to want what we don’t  have and then when we get it we sabotage it. Why? We don’t know ourselves and what it is we are searching for, our anxieties, fears and feelings of  inadequacy keep us from truly loving another and ourselves unconditionally.


When we release the limitations we have placed on ourselves and those others have placed on us and we focus all of our loving energy outward, we find love. We all desire and are deserving of a loving, harmonious and joyful relationship. All of the loving energy you give out has a way of coming back to you; and like Superglue some of the love you put out there sticks to you, the object of your love and your soul. Know that all of our leaning experiences make our soul grow and know too that if you have love, compassion and caring for yourself and others you will attract relationships into your life that make you happy.


After you have dealt with life’s disappointments, learnt the lessons or dealt with grief and loss and if you have love for yourself and dignity you will live to love again! That special partner will know that your love affair is not only with them but with, friends, family, all of humanity and the divine.


May you always feel loved.