Meditation Classes and Workshops

Meditation is the art of silencing the mind. When the mind is silent, concentration is increased and we experience inner peace in the midst of worldly turmoil. This elusive inner peace is what attracts so many people to meditation and is a quality everyone can benefit from.

Silence is the essential condition, the vital ingredient for all creation and all that is created. It is a power in its own right. The artist starts with a blank canvas – silence. The composer places it between and behind the notes. The very ground of your being, out of which comes all your thoughts, is silence. The way to silence is through meditation. When you arrive in your own silence you will know true freedom and real power.

The wonder of meditation is that our philosophy, spiritual and or religious belief is not important it can and is practiced by many people of different belief systems, traditions and cultures. Meditation is enabling and facilitative, penetrating deep into the heart of the matter to gain access to our soul – our inner reality; our inner wisdom.

Meditation is not about withdrawing from the world and your reality; it is about inspiration and peace of mind in everything that you do.

Contact Debra Stevens, Inner Transformation and Deeper Consciousness Coach to discuss your personal meditation goals, so that a suitable program may be developed for you.