Align yourself with the highest frequency – Love.”

When we speak of Love, we speak of raising our vibration; when we feel loving we feel alive, rejuvenated and have an elevated sense of wellbeing. Love means to flow with the universe, not to resist it. Love means we are willing to be vulnerable; it is accepting yourself and others exactly as they are!

When we love unconditionally we are universally connected to everyone and everything; as you learn to love yourself – warts and all – you increase your vibration and open your life to abundance.

You need to love every aspect of yourself love your feelings of sadness and regret, anger and resentment as much as you love your feelings of joy and gratitude. Love your humanity and your divinity. Love your perceived flaws; hating them won’t change them. When you love all things about yourself, the perceived good and the bad, the positive loving thoughts will cancel out all of the negative ones.

• Love is healing.
• Loving people strengthens them while it strengthens you.
• Love is the doorway to enlightenment.


You attract people and things of a similar vibration by raising your vibration you lift the energy around you.

Your higher self exists in a state of love – learn to love everything in your life!

Praise and bless everything in your world, and you will dissolve negativity and discord and align yourself with the highest frequency
LOVE ?????

Much love today and always