I believe I am a Great and Wise Soul with a special purpose. A purpose that will greatly contribute to the world. Everything I need to know is already there for me.


I believe I am Beautiful in all ways. Beautiful – both inside and out. I have the ability to see beauty in all things for I am beautiful myself.


I believe I am the Truth. Truth is my true nature. I know the truth of all things and I am able to walk and talk my truth easily.


I believe I am courageous. For I have always been able to cope with each situation that has presented itself to me. This is as true of my future as it is of my past.


I believe I am Grateful. For all my experiences and all that I have everyday, in every way.


I believe that I am Joyful. Because I know that Joy is what I deserve in all areas of my life.


I believe I have Compassion. I am compassionate to all living things and to myself.


I believe I am Powerful. I use my power wisely and from a place of love in everything I do. I have the power to create my world any way I wish.


I believe that I am Peace. I am here to bring peace to this planet in my own way by recognizing the peace that resides in my own heart.


I believe I am already Perfect exactly as I am. As how can a Divine creation be anything but perfect.


I believe I am The Light. I am a guiding light for others in all ways. I have been given talents to shine my light in many ways for the benefit of all and I shine brilliantly.


I believe I am LOVE. My Soul knows nothing but love. I am a loving being who can give and receive love easily, knowing that there is an endless supply of love and that love is the most powerful thing that exists.




Let’s create a world where we all believe in each other. For whatever we believe about ourselves we believe for another, for there is only one of us here.


I am loved and supported beyond all measure of my imagination…


I am the miracle !!!