LionToday have the Courage to be YOU,  living an authentic life equates to a life without regret. Inconsistency between the inside and the person we present to the world creates tremendous conflicts in our lives.

In philosophy, the conscious self is seen as coming to terms with being in a material world and with encountering external forces, pressures and influences which are very different from, and other than, itself. Authenticity is the degree to which one is true to one’s own personality, spirit, or character, despite these pressures. The Oxford dictionary defines being authentic as being true to your own character.

Have you ever found yourself agreeing because everyone else did or agreed with an opinion that you didn’t share? Did you ever do something inconsistent with your true self, that which you wanted to do  just to please, get attention or get what you wanted? Of course you did, we all have, we all do.

Grant, a single Dad of two booked at an up-market expensive restaurant to impress a new date, failing to pay his child maintenance that month. Barbara supported and funded a political cause she did not believe in to impress her clients and get their business. Why?

When you were born you were unpretentious and spontaneous. You smiled when you felt like it and cried when you were upset and screamed when you needed something.  There was nothing you had to do to be loved.  You had the courage to be you.

Then… as you developed and ‘grew up’ you were taught how to behave, what to say and what to want.

Let’s look at  Clyde he had always been compared to his good looking, personable and sporty brother Todd. Todd was the’ star’ and Clyde the’ loser’.  Clyde had been taught he was ‘the loser’ and he believed it. It took Clyde many years to overcome that belief. Amanda loved modern and Latin American dancing her mother insisted she was too short and too chubby to dance, she loved it but would not dare. Later in life Angela learned to dance, going on to win a Latin American Ballroom dancing competition. It took all her courage to overcome her beliefs about herself and learn how to dance.

Through conditioning we become products of our environment and the people within it. Social influences tell us we are not thin enough, not wealthy enough, simply not good enough. Compelled to portray a better us, we hide our true self believing we are unworthy just as we are. The problem is that when we are not real we cannot connect our inner being to others. What we do, including our interactions with others, become meaningless, because our true self your authentic self  is not present.

Your authentic self is your talents, values, traits and greatness combined. It is the best of you! It is buried under mounds of Shoulda! Woulda! Coulda! All you need is the courage to be you.

Think about this: when we meet people who are refreshingly authentic, we are drawn to them. They say and do the things we never would. They have the courage to be real and we instantly like them. They give it to us straight up! No frills, no fuss, peacefully and painlessly; and we always know where we stand with them. They don’t fret about what others think or do. They are real, doing what they feel compelled to do in alignment with their authenticity. The have the courage to be honest, to be real. We want to be in their presence because  connecting with them has meaning.  Some of the things we can do to overcome our conditioning and become authentic are :

  • Have the courage of your convictions
  • Say what you mean and mean what you say
  • Always speak your truth peacefully and painlessly
  • Always see the best of YOU
  • Say No
  • Be who YOU want to be
  • Trust your instincts
  • Have clear intentions for your highest good

If you are afraid the steps above, accept the fear and with love for yourself  DO IT ANYWAY! To be authentic, just focus on your talents, strength, values and integrity. Building upon your best gives you authentic power. This power feeds your soul.

Remember what others think of you, is none of your business – it’s what YOU think of YOU that counts.

“It takes courage to grow up and become who you really are. “ –  E.E. Cummings

Sameness will prevail until, you have the courage to USE the BEST of YOU. When you focus on the best of you, you can also see the good in others and YOU can have YOUR BEST LIFE


Today I have the courage and the power to be the BEST of ME, the authentic ME!