‘So often we talk about the importance of our vibration, feeling our vibration as well as the vibrations of those around us. Our teaching is to embrace the vibrations and those people and situations that resonate with us, practicing the power of positive thought; rejecting the energy vampires, situations and negativity that only serve to deplete us. Our teaching however, is not always our reality. No matter how conscious we are of our vibration, we often allow ourselves to introduce toxic people and situations into our lives and fall into the quagmire of negativity.

The more we vibrate at one with the universe and our path the more likely we are to enjoy abundance and manifest our goals and dreams. I know! This is all very familiar and much has been written and publicised about manifesting. And even as familiar as this material is, it can often that which we dismiss.

TODAY this material resonated with me for YOU! Yes YOU!

At each moment in time, you either move closer to or further away from your goals, dreams and aspirations. You either feel positive emotions and therefore send out the vibrations that match your desires, or you feel negative emotions and you therefore send out the vibrations that will keep you away from your desires. That’s what it comes down to! And it is YOUR choice what in which direction you move, because only YOU can control your thoughts and whether those thoughts are negative or positive. We cannot always chose the events or sequence of events in our lives we CAN choose how we respond to them.

Simple but true, right? Bring your vibration into your conscious mind, think about what you are thinking about… think about what you are putting out there. Does this mean you should pretend to be happy; or pretend not to be angry or disappointed NO! It means acknowledging the feeling, accepting that it doesn’t change the essence of YOU; extract the learning and choose to release it as quickly as possible looking for the positive aspects of the situation, the experience or the emotion.

I am worthy of attracting unlimited abundance and prosperity into my life, regardless of what life experiences have gone before me.

Remember the old saying, “If your ship doesn’t come in, swim out to it”? You can give the Universe a chance to support your hopes and dreams by putting your best efforts into them.” Dr Wayne Dyer

Beautiful wishes and Angel kisses
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YOU are a truly blessed