‘To change one’s life: Start immediately. Do it flamboyantly.’
William James

Why does it seem so hard for us to change while at the same time life is all about embracing change? Change can involve different viewpoints. For instance, there is the kind of change that we desire, such as wanting to lose weight or make a lot of money, or even marrying the person of our dreams. At the other end of the tunnel, so to speak, change is something that happens every moment without our input.

We are all getting older, we lose loved ones, and we are thrown into the twists and turns of life that we cannot plan for. So what this means is that we do have some input in the co-creation of our lives. For instance, I can choose to either come up with a plan to lose some weight and follow through with it or I can make a batch of brownies and eat every last crumb. That is a change in which I have input.

Yet, let’s keep in mind that from the most profound level of consciousness, we do also have some threads of connection with the source of the creation of change itself. This connection is how we can co-create our lives. That said, most of us are not coming from our most integrated spiritual, emotional, mental and physical state. Most of us are on the wheel of life and still working it out. Part of co-creating our lives is to notice the “co” in front of “creating.” Therefore, we don’t have complete control over anything. As much as we do affirmations, seek therapy, and do our personal development, we still have to be willing to work with that which is presented to us; we may never really understand why, even if we do past life regressions, deep meditation workshops, or ask for guidance. The real measure is how do we deal with what is presented to us? Do we hide from it Or, do we accept what is?

Easier said than done! You have no choice other than to take change by the hand, embrace it and when you have reached the ability to successfully dance with life as it comes toward you, then you have the potential for personal freedom, happiness, and peace. This means taking responsibility for your dance through life. Gliding across the floor with change as your partner, moving in time with the music of the moment, making the best of what is. If you miss a few steps, dance to the wrong beat and occasionally stumble… just keep dancing.