Inner Alchemy Workshop and Retreat


FIND your Inner MAGIC
Journey of Personal Transformation
2018 Dates to be Advised
Energencia Retreat Centre, Ramsgate

R 2950, incl. accommodation and meals at the Energencia Retreat Centre in Ramsgate, KZN




Part 1 Saturday
The Wisdom of the Enneagram:
Spiritual Growth for your Personality Type
The Enneagram is geometric nine-pointed star (‘ennea’, meaning nine and ‘gram’ denoting diagram) it is a triangle and a hexagram enclosed by a circle. The Enneagram is a personality-type tool, which dates back to the time of the ancient Greek philosopher Pythagoras and to the time of the Sufi mystics. It identifies nine distinct and unique personality types. The Enneagram is a tool that helps us understand ourselves and others better, it identifies, nine personality types with nine different perspectives of the world.

Part 2 Transforming your Dragons and Your 12 Archetypes:
How to Turn Fear Patterns into Personal Power
You as an individual cannot transform yourself unless you personally face your own fears. This is not easy, but it is absolutely required for any personal breakthrough. Facing fear often means looking at the dark, shadowy side of yourself-not to feel guilty or shameful or to punish yourself; but to release the potential vitality locked up therein. These modules are a guide to facing your fears in the forms of the seven personal dragons. The dragons exist to make you strong. They are the vehicles of transformation. Nothing of great value in life is attained without some kind of test. Seven mighty dragons appear to block the path of all hu­man beings.

Archetypes – Exploring our archetypal patterns, understanding the true self.
Archetypes are your energy guides to your highest potential. The nature of your archetypes is both intimate and impersonal. Viewed through the heart, they are personal enough to be called companions. Viewed with the mind they are impersonal, symbolic patterns that serve in the energetic organisation of your spiritual evolution. Working with your archetypal patterns is a way to become conscious of yourself, the effects of your actions, and the need for choosing wisely every day.    


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