• As I turn my face to 2016, a brilliant new Sun dawns in my life!

• 2016 is MY year! My possibilities multiply, my successes magnify, and my potential is realized!

• This moment, this day, this year – I AM profoundly happy, amazingly abundant and in perfect health… and so it is

• Forget Resolutions! I’m having a thought revolution!

• This year my life is built on choice, not chance

• Success and good fortune flow toward me in a river of abundance

• This year I am flawlessly executing my life plan!

• In 2016, I AM the change I want to see in my world!

• I AM bigger than my doubts, bolder than my fears, and stronger than my challenges

• This moment, this day and this year I let go, and I let God.


Confirmed Courses 2016

The Pure, Profound, Practical Animal Healing Workshop

23 January 2016 9am – 3pm – Hillcrest KZN
Animal Energy Healing is about ways to strengthen, balance and free up this energy. This can be done by using naturally occurring vibrations such as: light or colour, energies of plants or herbs and crystals, or contact and distant healing – being a pure channel of healing energy where energy from Source, is “mirrored” into the animal where the energy encourages/stimulates the healing systems within the animal to work optimally, energy is unblocked to stimulate health and well-being. Bookings [email protected]

Human Anatomy and Physiology

6 February 2016, 9am-3pm
The human body, human brain/mind and intro to the human energy body
skeletal system, Muscular system, Nervous system, Endocrine system, Cardio vascular system
Lymphatic system, Respiratory system, Digestive system, Urinary system, and Reproductive system


Crystal Healing

Starts 27 February 2016, 16 Modules: 9am -12:30pm
Crystal Healing is a gift from ‘Gaia’ our Mother Earth and is thought to go back to the Ancients of Lemuria and Atlantis and evidence would suggest that crystal therapy was used by the Egyptians in healing temples.
Discover what is stored in a crystal. Choosing, cleansing and energising crystals. Crystal face, foot and body massage and chakra balancing
Deeper consciousness, advanced intuition and channelling with crystals and past life regression crystal therapy
Meridian, Zone and Polarity crystal therapy

Western Reiki USUI Shiki Ryoho

Starts 27 February 2016, 12 Modules: 1pm-5pm
Reiki Healing levels l, ll and Advanced lll A Origin, History, Concepts Healing Techniques and Practice


Gendai, USUI Reiki Ryoho

13, 14th Feb and 20/21 Feb 2016, 2 Full Weekends
Take this journey without ego; taking you closer to your bliss, experience the beautiful harmony of Japanese Traditional Reiki with Western Reiki



White Light Meditation – This meditation has been used as a spiritual protection technique for at least two centuries. Doing this meditation only takes a very few minutes at most, and doing it before sleeping and again upon awakening will imprint this into your subconscious mind faster than doing it at any other time during the day. You need to find a time and a place in which you will be undisturbed. If that means taking the phone off the hook, then do that. If you are at work, then go into the bathroom for a couple of minutes and do this very quick and easy meditation. This will only take a 2 or 3 short minutes.

Sit down and make yourself comfortable. Put your feet flat on the floor and let your hands rest on your lap, with the palms facing up (Or you can sit on the floor in the Lotus position, if you prefer).

Place your thumb and index finger, or your thumb and middle finger, together. This is the East Indian position called “mudra” and has been shown in laboratory testing to actually make a connection in the brain that induces a relaxed feeling and light level of meditative trance.

Take 3 SLOW deep breaths, making each breath out longer than the breath in before it. … Then … imagine White Light coming down from above and entering your body through the top of your head. … See and feel this White Light filling every part of your body and mind. … Make it real with the power of your mind. … See any dark places and spaces that might be within you fill with that White Light. …. See it…. feel it…. sense it…..

This might take a few minutes the first few times you try it. As you keep doing it more and more it will take less and less time, until it takes just a few seconds to do….

When you see or sense your body and your mind totally and completely filled with the White Light then see a little bit of it coming out of your body through your solar plexus, just above your belly button … and then see it surrounding your body like you are surrounded in a protective eggshell of positive White Light. … This White Light is God-energy and it will cleanse and protect you….

KNOW that you are totally protected….


May this year bring you all that you wish for and all that you dream of!