Animal Healing Course

Improve animal health and well-being with  understanding of natural therapies,  energy healing and herbal remedies.

Whether you are a pet owner, animal carer, groomer, breeder or a veterinary nurse this course is for you. Includes: cats, dogs, horses and some smaller animals.

4 modules over 4 weeks
• Non-Verbal Communication – Dogs, Cats, Horses
• Massage Therapy for Animals
• Herbal Remedies – Treatment Protocols – Intutive, Energy and Vibrational Healing

Cost: R 1 850



Other Related Courses
Reiki Healing –
heals the animal body and emotions, bringing them into balance, promoting health, happiness, prosperity and long life in your pet. Reiki is a most effective healing modality, and when combined with your animal healing treatment protocols, is one of the greatest gifts that you can give your pet.

Crystal Healing
The power of healing crystals can greatly influence the brightness and vitality of animal chakras.


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