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Lightarian™ Reiki is a unique, expanded form of Reiki, involving six higher vibration bands of Reiki energy. Through the channelling process we have found that there are eight bands of Reiki healing energies each going progressively higher in vibration. Lightarian™ Reiki occupies 6 bands. During these exciting transformational times these higher bands of Reiki are being re-introduced to assist humans in preparing for their shift (personal ascension process.) to higher vibration levels. Attunement in each Lightarian™ Reiki band progressively takes you to an increasingly higher personal vibration levels. The 6 vibrational bands of Lightarian™ Reiki are taught to those who already have Usui Masters and Karuna Reiki. Lightarian™ Reiki and are taught in 4 levels, with bands 1 and 2 grouped together, and bands 5 and 6 grouped together.

A pre-requisite is that you must be an Usui-based Reiki Master as all levels are master levels. If you have not completed Karuna Reiki level 1 and 2, a Lightarian ‘Buddhic Boost’ Attunement is required prior to the first Attunement to Levels 1 and 2. The majority of the principles and the philosophy of Lightarian™ Reiki are given with level 1 and 2 which then prepares one to receive a simple Attunement in the higher levels of Reiki 3 , 4 5, and 6. The minimum waiting period between receiving each of the 4 Lightarian™ Reiki Attunement levels is 30 days.

Programme price includes 6 levels and 4 Attunements

Once payment is received manuals are ordered and posted to you. It is a process of self-study after which you make contact when you are ready for the first attunement.

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