Crystal Healing


Crystals are the most powerful mineral and environmental gifts from Mother Earth to stimulate integrated healing of body, mind and spirit .


Area: Hillcrest
Next Course Starts: Saturday 9 February 2019
Weeks 1-9: 09h00 – 12h30
Weeks 10 -14: 13h00 – 16h30

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Crystal Healing Course Hillcrest Starting Saturday 9 February 2019

16 Modules, 14 Weeks

Saturday 9 and 16 February, Full Day 09h00-16h30
Saturday 23 Feb onward, Afternoons 13h00-16h30 

Crystal Healing  employs the use of geophysical tools (crystals) for healing practices. The stones are placed on  energy centres and energy points of the body and around the body; they strengthen the body by remedying ailments through  balancing of the human body’s energy field with their own unique energy or vibration.  Due to the varying mineral content or mineral composition available in each type of crystal, each one will provide its own unique vibration;  and can move and balance energy. We have been given our most powerful mineral and environmental gifts from Gaia our Mother Earth to stimulate integrated healing of body, mind and spirit . During this intensive 16 module 14 week course,  you will learn:

  • Discover what is stored in a crystal
  • Choosing, cleansing and energising crystals
  • Master crystals and sacred geometric grids
  • Crystal face, foot and body massage
  • Crystal chakra balancing
  • The spiritual/Emotional root of dis-ease
  • Healing the Inner Child
  • Deeper consciousness and soul connection with crystals
  • Advanced intuition and channelling with crystals
  • Past life regression crystal  therapy
  • Meridian crystal therapy
  • Zone and Polarity crystal therapy

Includes theory and practical, become proficient at Understanding the Geophysical and Geological formation of Crystals and their unique energy healing properties of each of their unique mineral make-ups: Including Crystal Massage, Crystal Healing of the Seven Energy Centres and the Body’s Meridians 


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