Accelerated Lightarian™ Training Program


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We are offering an accelerated program 29 Attunements in 29 weeks incorporating all three tracks. Students will have to be screened to be able to undertake this offer and must provide a short resume; of their energy healing and metaphysical studies and healing experience/experience as a light worker – this programme will facilitate the prerequisites to undertake the Crystalline Gateways.

The Accelerated Package will include:

  • Lightarian™ Ascension Bands or Lightarian™ Reiki
  • Lightarian™ AngelLinks
  • Lightarian™ Purification Rings
  • Lightarian™ Rays and Lightarian™ Clearings

Note: the package does not include the Gateway Program listed separately below.

Once your fees are paid you receive your Lightarian™ AngelLinks, Lightarian™ Purification Rings Lightarian™ Rays and Lightarian™ Clearings self-study manuals via courier, our suggestion is that you read the first program of self-study manuals completely and then raise and questions or clarification needed. Then do an update and recap on the day before the Attunement or initiation/activation ; if you have any questions while working through the manual give me a call or drop me an email.

The manuals are beautifully written and have solid information and content.

Prior to your first Attunement / Activation / Initiation please complete the registration form and scan and email it to us – we will resister you on the program with the Lightarian Institute with this form and then notify the institute of the balance of the Attunement / Activation / Initiations via email.

Lightarian™ Ascension Bands or Lightarian™ Reiki self-study manuals will be sent to you once the other tracks are complete.

You will receive a certificate of completion after all levels of any program is complete.

With remote activations, you and the facilitator both go into your own meditation spaces and we connect with a ‘divine tuning fork’ connecting your higher self-energies through time and space for the direct transfer of this sacred gifting; it takes about 20 minutes; although once complete and transferred you may want to remain in your meditation space just enjoying the energy and connectedness.

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Payment Options

Payment in Full, Booking Deposit plus 4 Payments of R2500